UNEMET: The History!

Our story began to be conceived in 1999, when we accepted the challenge of organizing - and organized - the 5th International Conference on Computer-Aided Learning and Distance Learning in Meteorology (CALMET V), held from 9 to 13 July, 2001 at Recife (Pernambuco/Brazil).

The undertaking was hard, but very rewarding, since almost no one could imagine that would go well, because at the time we counted only with a group of recent graduates and students of Meteorology of the UFAL, with little experience in this area, and our great teacher and encourager Prof. José de Lima Filho. However, two years later, the mission had been accomplished and without realizing it, the UNEMET (even as the National Students Union of Meteorology) has become an international reference.

In the following years we go through a real "via crucis" to heed the normative and actualize the record our institution with government agencies. In the midst of this process, small projects in the Alagoas and Pernambuco states (Brazil) have participation of our Organization. But was in 2001, shortly after the success of CALMET V, the visibility of UNEMET increased significantly in Brazil, developing and managing numerous activities, coming to culminate in the establishment of the first Brazilian Website totally dedicated to the dissemination of Meteorology, among other initiatives.

Months later, because we are constantly mistaken as a directory as well as academic student representative of Meteorology in Brazil, we decided to change our nomenclature for National Union of Studious in Meteorology, which remains today, believing that all people are curious and studious for Meteorology.

It was only on November 20, 2002 that officially created the UNEMET Brazil, with the approval of its status and holds a General Assembly, with its 13 founding members on that date, and has also been the possession of the first Executive Board, comprised of professionals working in various segments of Meteorology. And to demonstrate our ideal, we established our motto "For far away where ambition doesn´t arrive of arriving".

During the Symposium of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) on New Perspectives on Education and Training in Meteorology and Hydrology held in April 2003 (Madrid/Spain), was officially launched UNEMET. In this event we presented the paper entitled "Formal and Distance Education of Meteorologists and Hidrometeorologists in Brazil".

When we returned to Madrid, we realized it was time to disclose our information and actions and we decided to create a newsletter to disseminate news of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environmental Sciences to all studious, where in September 2003 we launched INFORMATIVO UNEMET. This is a biweekly electronic publication sent to all persons registered at UNEMET. Later it was redesigned and became known as "UNEMET FOCUS" which has since been published more than 100 numbers. Is currently being redesigned and will return in 2013 with great news for our readers!

Following a natural tendency, UNEMET elected several projects to be developed. One of them - or perhaps the main - was "Cirrus" Project, a magazine with differentiated concept, which aims to expand and strengthen the dissemination of Meteorology at the Brazilian society. This is because, unfortunately, we found that numerous activities related to Meteorology in Brazil and worldwide, are held almost daily and many of them, in turn, go unnoticed in your own community. In an attempt to minimize this gap, in January 2005 we created the "Cirrus" magazine as a new option in information, dissemination and update in Meteorology. Besides serving as a direct link between its readers and many institutions working in this area. With a simple and less formal language, serve not only the academic community (students, technicians, researchers, teachers, etc.), but all passionate about this beautiful science. So far 13 numbers have already been published and is currently being redesigned for 2013 return with great innovations for our readers!

UNEMET always stood firmly against the arbitrariness and injustice that occurred with the professionals of Meteorology, seeking to fill a huge gap in Brazil, which is a category organism to work on behalf of our rights. It is noteworthy that the main acts were performed against public concurrences, even being for Meteorology area could enroll, disobeying the Law Regulation of the Meteorologists in Brazil (Law No. 6835, 14/Oct./1980).

One of the great achievements is to represent Brazil, since 2001, through successful participation in all CALMET Conferences, important forum on Education of meteorologists of the Planet Earth. In view of this, during CALMET VI, held in 2004 at Boulder city (USA), was invited to become an effective member of the its Working Group as well as official representative in South America.

Another important action occurred when, in partnership with SECTI-AL, SBPC-AL and SBMET, organized the "Meteorology Education Meeting" held in October 2008 in order to discuss various issues related to formal and distance education in Brazil.

Since its conception we effected several actions that have been made possible through collaboration and exchanges with public and private institutions engaged in activities related to meteorology or concerned by it, and by the glorious contribution of collaborators who voluntarily make themselves present.

So when we propose the creation of UNEMET in 2001, our goal was simply to contribute to the popularization of science meteorological in our country. Today, looking back, our evaluation is very positive. UNEMET  is a reality and became an autonomous, technically and administratively organization qualified for the realization of their goals.

Thus, during these 10 years we feel proud to say that we have accomplished much, but we still have challenges ahead and have all our friends to continue to work in the defense of our profession and to promote dissemination and popularization of science meteorological in Brazil and worldwide.

The material in this section is posted as received from UNEMET.org.br

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