WMO Constituent Body Reform

The WMO Constituent Body Reform aim is to deliver a smart, agile and responsive WMO – fit for the 21st Century. Its main goal is the alignment of WMO governance and working structures with the WMO Strategic Plan 2020-2030. Since the last session of the World Meteorological Congress (Cg-17) in 2015, the WMO Executive Council (EC) has been developing the new governance structure, which implements a holistic and inclusive Earth system approach across weather, water and climate.

A major breakthrough occurred at EC-70 in June 2018, which created two new EC bodies and made recommendations for the adoption of a new governance structure at the Cg-18 in June 2019. Chief among its recommendations is a structure with two Technical Commissions: Commission for Infrastructure and Information System and Commission for Applications and Services and a Research Board.

The Constituent Body Reform Task Force, established by EC-70 (2018), has been addressing the questions that remain in order to enable a smooth transition following Cg-18.  Questions on how the new bodies will work together, the development of initial timeline, the mapping of the workplans to the two-years cycle, better engaging experts from developing and least developed countries are being resolved. The Task Force will continue its important task to guide and monitor the transition until EC-72 (2020) and ensure the implementation of the reform after Cg-18.

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