WMO Global Campus

The concept of a WMO Global Campus was introduced in September 2013 at the Twelfth WMO Education and Training Symposium in Toulouse, France. Initially there was some confusion about the meaning of the term and uncertainty as to how it could work, but there was also a lot of support for the idea of increased collaboration between training institutions to help overcome the gap between training demand and supply.


Since the initial discussions in September 2013, the concept was further refined in March by the WMO Executive Council Panel of Experts on Education and Training with a feasibility study, which was approved by the 66th session of the WMO Executive Council in June.

Between 1–3 October, 20 senior members of WMO Regional Training Centres and other education and training centres of NHMSs gathered in Geneva to discuss the WMO Global Campus concept and how to take the initiatives forward. The meeting reached consensus on many aspects, including a shared vision of the enhanced collaboration, cooperation and communication that the proposal could generate. Participants identified some 20 items for trial, which will provide the World Meteorological Congress in May 2015 with some practical examples of how the WMO Global Campus could assist Members. Further information about the feasibility study for the WMO Global Campus proposal can be found on the WMO ETR website.

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