WMO Global Campus Initiative rolls out regionally in Africa

One of the key strategies of the WMO Global Campus Initiative is to “think globally, act locally”. As part of this strategy, in addition to launching a global learning events calendar and the Global Campus E-Library, the WMO Education and Training Office has now led two on-the-ground regional coordination meetings with WMO Regional Training Centres. The most recent took place in Cairo, Egypt from 28 October to 1 November and included the participation of directors from the Africa region, as well as representatives of WMO Africa-based regional training centres and collaborating partners. 

The meeting resulted in eleven concrete action plans for increased collaboration and support to WMO Members. These included documenting and sharing expertise; exchanging information on capacity development initiatives;  sharing resources and collaborating on training offerings; collaborating on marine forecasting training; sharing strategies on implementing distance learning; tracking competency-based learning completion; conducting an Africa region learning needs assessment; French-language Basic Instruction Package for Meteorologists (BIP-M) training; numerical weather prediction applications training; and improving collaboration with the private sector and academia. Many of these actions also have positive global implications.

More information is available on the meeting website, where participants will continue sharing progress on each action. The website has already been updated to include resources in each action area, and may be accessed here.

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