WMO Marine Services Course

The WMO Marine Services Division and the Education and Training Office have developed a blended – online and face-to-face – WMO Marine Services Course to strengthen the capacity of Members in that area. The Course emphasizes the value of providing client-oriented services, including impact-based forecasting services, and of incorporating multi-hazard early warning services (MHEWS) into operations. The online (Phase I) of the Course has been carried since 2019, strengthening regional and international marine networks around the world. Its most recent instalment was delivered in the Pacific Islands, where it attracted 37 participants from nine Member States who gave it great reviews.

The diverse backgrounds and varying levels of experiences of participants in the course brought invaluable insights. One participant remarked, “This course has truly showed us our strengths and weaknesses in Marine Service and how we can improve for our stakeholders and users.” The Cook Islands Permanent Representative to the WMO, Mr Arona Ngari, was instrumental in advocating for the creation of the Course. As the current Chair of the Pacific Meteorological Council's Panel on Education, Training and Research, he aims to support its development and implementation in the Pacific Islands. At the conclusion of the Course, he encouraged all national meteorological services “to put into practice what they have learned – to implement them into their Strategic Operating Plans.”

Since 2019, Phase I has been delivered in WMO Regions III, IV and V, including in the Spanish-speaking parts of Region III (South America) and Region IV (North America, Central America and Caribbean). Phase I of the Course is currently – since mid-March to end in June – taking place in the English-speaking Caribbean with 30 participants representing 15 WMO Members. Other instalments are planned in 2022: Phase I will be delivered in Africa, and Phase II (face-to-face) in the Pacific Islands. WMO will use feedback and recommendations from the online courses to adapt and improve the Course in order to better address regional needs.

Further information about the WMO Marine Services Course, including the Summary Report on the Pacific Islands (English speaking) instalment is available here. The WMO Marine Services Course respond to resolutions 15, 29 and 71 of the Eighteenth session of the World Meteorological Congress in 2012 (Cg-18). A poster showcasing the Course was presented at the Fourteenth WMO Symposium on Education and Training (SYMET-14) in 2021 and can be accessed here.

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