The WMO Science Summit

The WMO Commission for Atmospheric Sciences held a Science Summit on Seamless Research for Weather, Climate, Water and Environment at WMO headquarters in Geneva from 20 to 22 October. The Summit defined a new framework for collaboration to achieve urgently needed breakthroughs in our understanding of the Earth system and to transform knowledge and technologies into concrete services for humanity.

The Summit focused on five topics identified as crucial for the years to come:

  • Seamless prediction in 2023 - improving predictive capacity across weather, climate, water and environment
  • Future infrastructures - planning and investing in future infrastructures (computing, data-handling, observations)
  • Science for services - developing and implementing a new interactive model for integrating research and operations
  • Nurturing scientific talents - guaranteeing the sustainable development of science; breaking through geographical, gender and age barriers; ensuring institutional continuity and transfer of knowledge
  • Innovation and resources - Catalyzing innovation and mobilizing resources in weather, climate, water and environment research globally and locally.

The Summit created an inclusive, informal and interactive forum for leading scientists from academia, the WMO community and the private sector, as well as the representatives of funding agencies, to prioritize the key issues to be addressed in the five areas. Keynote addresses, panel discussions and breakout group debates permitted the participants to share thoughts on how to promote both local and global exchange across the multiple disciplines related to Earth system sciences. In so doing, the Summit participants could outline a new framework for scientific cooperation in support of weather, climate, atmospheric composition and related environmental research and its translation into new and better products and services.

The Summit outcomes fed directly into the Commission for Atmospheric Science assembly, which took place immediately after the Summit, and will guide the proposals of the Commission to the 2019 World Meteorological Congress. More details on the outcome of the Science Summit will be made available in a set of upcoming publications.

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