WMO Unveils New Country Profile Database

WMO has unveiled its Country Profile Database, which consolidates information about its Members into a single web-based portal.

The initiative is part of a wider drive towards improved data management procedures. It will facilitate more coherent data analysis to support decision-making as well as self-management of data.
Through the Country Profile Database, users can access the following information on a per country basis:

  • basic geographical information;
  • more detailed information on surface and upper air observation stations, radars and Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) stations and centres contributing to the WMO Information System (WIS);
  • meteorological and hydrological information and climatological norms;
  • contacts for national emergency management authorities and for members of WMO technical commissions.

Authorized representatives of WMO Members can directly log-on to the portal to update certain data for their own country, thus introducing the concept of self-management. The launch of the Country Profile Database implements a request of the Sixteenth World Meteorological Congress in 2011.

Access the WMO Country Profile Database.

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