WMOLearn: A Global Campus Resource

WMOLearn: A Global Campus Resource


WMO Global Campus: Collaboration and sharing on education and training for capacity development. 

The WMO Global Campus is the collaborative network of WMO Member institutions and National Meteorological Hydrological Services involved in the development and delivery of education and training. Its goal is to address the evolving global priorities for learning. It is the fruit of the synergies, sharing and cooperation within this community of institutions. The WMO Global Campus was approved by WMO Congress 18 with Resolution 72.

The WMO Global Campus is based on the WMO Regional Training Centres and other WMO-designated centres engaged in learning activities, but embraces all institutions contributing to the learning needs of WMO Members. The WMO Global Campus Roadmap offers an overview of the feasiblity study, the rationale behind the concept, the underpinning goals and plans for its design and implementation.

WMOLearn is a communication mechanism for the WMO Global Campus. It provides portals for sharing and discovering learning events and resources, information about collaborative projects, and fora for stimulating collaborative efforts. WMOLearn will facilitate collaboration, raise awareness of successful Global Campus efforts and foster innovations for learning by WMO Members.

Featured Content:

Responding to Challenges Beyond the New Normal: A WMO Global Campus Event (20-22 January 2021)
(Proceedings in preparation) Event flyer EN.pdf

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Compendium of WMO Competency Frameworks
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