Visual identity

Visual identity

Guidelines for use of WMO name

Third party use of the name, acronym or logo (hereinafter name) of the World Meteorological Organization is forbidden unless prior authorization is obtained from the Secretary-General of the Organization.

Third parties may obtain authorization to use the name only under the following conditions:

  1. the activity is in the interest of the Organization and its Members;
  2. the activity does not prejudice the impartiality of the Organization;
  3. the Organization is participating in the said activity; and
  4. the Organization retains control over the activity.

Commercial entities are required to fulfill the following additional conditions:

  1. the principal aim in using the name is to support the Organization, its objectives and activities;
  2. any funds raised must be earmarked to meet the objectives of the Organization; and
  3. use of the emblem/name must not in any way suggest that the Organization endorses the commercial entity, its products or services.

Permission for use shall be given only if the Secretary-General is satisfied that the meeting or publication in question relates to a subject that is within the field of competence of the Organization or is likely to contribute to attaining the Organization’s objectives. In principle, permission will not be granted for meetings that are being organized, or publications that are being produced, mainly as commercial undertakings for profit. 

As a general rule, the World Meteorological Organization will only co-sponsor, or co-operate, with third parties on meetings, events or publications if said activities are organized or produced by:

  1. A Government of a Member of WMO or the United Nations or an intergovernmental body established by a group of such governments;
  2. An intergovernmental organization with which WMO has concluded an agreement or arrangement of co-operation;
  3. A non-governmental organization enjoying consultative status with WMO.

Permission to use the name of the World Meteorological Organization is only granted on a non-exclusive basis and can be withdrawn by the Organization at any time by written notice.

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