WMO 2018 Calendar Competition - Voting underway

WMO 2018 Calendar Competition - Voting underway

50 outstanding finalists selected

Photographers from around the world have submitted entries for the WMO 2018 calendar. The title is “Weather-ready, climate-smart.” This reflects the theme of World Meteorological Day on 23 March 2018.

WMO social media followers have until 31 August to select their favourite photographs out of 50 finalists. A WMO jury of experts will then make the final choice, based on artistic quality and geographical balance.

High-impact weather events like tropical cyclones, heavy rainfall, heatwaves, droughts, winter storms and freezing temperatures have been with us throughout the ages. However climate change is leading to an increase in the intensity and frequency of some of these events, especially heatwaves.

We need to prepare for extreme weather through better multi-hazard early warning systems and more coordinated responses. This will help resilience and adaptation to long-term climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

WMO therefore wants photographs which illustrate both the risks of high-impact weather and climate change, as well as solutions. We are keen to encourage a good geographical balance of photos.

Winning entries will feature in the 2018 WMO calendar, showcase on the WMO website, Flickr gallery, Instagram site and be displayed on the WMO Facebook Timeline. 

WMO received many outstanding entries for the 2017 calendar “Understanding Clouds.” We thank participants in the 2018 competition for their amazing photos. It will be a difficult choice!


The selected 50 photos are available here, the WMO 2018 Calendar pictures here



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