The WMO Bureau

Terms of reference

  1. Definition, purpose and scope.

The Bureau is an informal consultative mechanism to advise the President of the Organization and facilitate discharge of his mandate. The duties of the President of the Organization are defined in the WMO General Regulations (Regulation 9) (Basic Documents No. 1, (2011 edition) (WMO-No. 15)).

The Bureau consists of the President, the three Vice-Presidents and the Secretary-General.

Its primary role is planning, organization and coordination of the work of Congress and the Executive Council. It also reviews the implementation of the directives of Congress and the Executive Council, and facilitates consultation on a broader range of topics, including crosscutting and emerging issues, especially those requiring prompt attention.

  1. Organization of the work and resource implications.

The meetings of the Bureau will normally be held twice a year, with one short meeting organized in conjunction with every regular session of Congress or Executive Council. The President, in consultation with the Secretary-General, may invite other participants with respect to consultations that may be required.

The cost of travel and subsistence will be met by the Organization in accordance with applicable rules (General Regulation 36 and Resolution 19 (EC-XLII)). The Secretariat provides the necessary support for the meetings.

  1. Agenda and outcomes.

The President will inform Members of the agenda before Bureau meetings to enable feedback, as well as on the deliberation and outcomes following the meetings.