Resolución sobre la Política Unificada de la OMM (Cg Ext-21)

Resolución sobre la Política Unificada de la OMM (Cg Ext-21)

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Climate Change

Efforts to control the Coronavirus pandemic have reduced economic activity and contributed to localized improvements in air quality. But it is too early to assess the implications for concentrations of greenhouse gases which are responsible for long-term climate change. Carbon dioxide levels at key observing stations have so far this year been higher than last year.

Observations - Data - Modelling

Currently, well over 10 000 manned and automatic surface weather stations, 1 000 upper-air stations, 7 000 ships, 100 moored and 1 000 drifting buoys, hundreds of weather radars and 3 000 specially equipped commercial aircraft measure key parameters of the atmosphere, land and ocean surface every day. Add to these some 30 meteorological and 200 research satellites to get an idea of the size of the global network for meteorological, hydrological and other geophysical observations.

Systematic Observations Financing Facility (SOFF)

Establishing the Systematic Observations Financing Facility: A new way of financing basic observations