Le Secrétariat

Le Secrétariat

Le Secrétariat de l’OMM, dont le siège se trouve à Genève, est dirigé par le Secrétaire général. La Haute Direction comprend le Secrétaire général, le Secrétaire général adjoint et le Sous-Secrétaire général.

Le Secrétariat de l’OMM, dont le siège se trouve à Genève, est dirigé par le Secrétaire général qui est nommé par le Congrès météorologique mondial pour une période de quatre ans. Son mandat ne peut excéder huit ans. Responsable de l’ensemble des travaux techniques et administratifs du Secrétariat, le Secrétaire général s’acquitte de ses fonctions en déléguant une part considérable de ses responsabilités au Secrétaire général adjoint et au Sous-Secrétaire général. C'est lui qui nomme l'ensemble du personnel du Secrétariat, y compris le Secrétaire général adjoint et le Sous-Secrétaire général, sous réserve de l'approbation du Conseil exécutif, et conformément aux règlements établis par le Congrès.

Board of Directors

In June 2019, the World Meteorological Congress approved a reform of the WMO governance and a vision for 2030 as well as other changes that called for an overhaul of the structure of the Secretariat. One of the most important changes implemented thus far is the creation of a Board of Directors. The Board, composed of senior Directors, meets once a month to discuss overall progress towards achieving departmental targets and overall organizational objectives and goals. The senior management team of Directors signs annual compacts (accountability documents) to ensure delivery on the Organization's high-level objectives.



Secrétaire général

Petteri Taalas, Professor

Prof. Petteri Taalas has been the Secretary-General of WMO since 1 January 2016. He was appointed by the World Meteorological Congress in 2015 for a first four-year term. He is now serving his second four-year term (Jan 2020-Dec 2023).

Secrétaire générale adjointe

Elena Manaenkova

Elena Manaenkova est Secrétaire générale adjointe de l’OMM depuis 2016. Auparavant, elle a dirigé le Cabinet du Secrétaire général et le Département des relations extérieures de 2006 à 2010 avant d’occuper le poste de Sous-Secrétaire générale de 2010 à 2016.

Sous-Secrétaire général

Wenjian Zhang

Wenjian Zhang est Sous-Secrétaire général de l'OMM depuis 2016. Auparavant, il a occupé le poste de Directeur du Département des systèmes d'observation et d'information ainsi que du Programme spatial de l’OMM.

Director, Cabinet Office of the Secretary-General

Paul Egerton, PhD

Dr Paul Egerton is the Director of the Cabinet Office of the Secretary-General, which includes Executive Management; Strategic Communications, External Relations, Protocol; Monitoring Evaluation, Risk Performance Unit; Controller's Office; UN Affairs Office and EU Affairs Office. The Head of the Secretariat of the Climate Risk Early Warning Systems (CREWS) Initiative also reports to the Director of the Cabinet.

Director, Governance Services

Maja Carrieri

Maja Carrieri (née Drazenovic) is the Director of Governance Services, a department which includes the Linguistic Services and Publishing Branch, the Conference Unit, Building Services and Management Unit and Administrative Services.

Director, Science & Innovation, and WMO Chief Scientist

Jürg Luterbacher, Professor

Professor Jürg Luterbacher has been the Director of Science and Innovation since January 2020 and the WMO Chief Scientist since May 2020. 

Director, Member Services & Development

Mary Power

Ms Power started at WMO in 2008 as the Director for Resource Mobilization and Development Partners, then became the Director for Development and Regional Activities in 2016.  Since coming to WMO,  Ms Power has broadened her scope and experience geographically, politically and thematically from well beyond the Asia-Pacific region.

Director, Infrastructure

Anthony Rea, PhD

Dr Anthony Rea has been the Director of Infrastructure since November 2019. A strong leader with a management background, he brings decades of experience in observations and data and in fostering collaboration at the international and national level to WMO.

Director, Services

Johan Stander, PhD

Dr Johan Stander was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in 1963. He studied meteorology, then obtained a PhD in oceanography. Dr Stander worked for the South African Weather Service for 37 years, starting in 1982. He often speaks about the great opportunities his country provided him first as a forecaster from 1989 then promoting him to positions of greater preminence that permitted him to gain extensive national and international experience.