The objective of the procurement activities within the WMO is to achieve best value for money for the acquisition of goods and services in a manner that supports fairness, integrity and transparency, and is directed towards maximum economy and effectiveness within, and in accordance with, the objectives of the Organization.

In this context, best value for money is defined – with respect to the goods or services sought - as the most advantageous balance between:

  1. Compliance with the technical requirements;
  2. Quality
  3. Cost, including total lifecycle cost when applicable;
  4. Compliance with WMO standard contractual conditions;
  5. Warranty and long term sustainability arrangements;
  6. Ethical and environmental considerations.

As part of this process, the following principles are followed:

  1. Full accountability and documentation;
  2. Fair, open and international competition;
  3. Promotion of ethical trading through procurement that supports the environment and the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact.

In this context, the WMO promotes procurement from developing countries and countries with economies in transition, provided that this effort remains compatible with the objective of achieving best value for money. 

General conditions of contract for provision of Goods and Services:

All suppliers who wish to do business with us should accept the WMO General conditions of contract for provision of Goods and Services.

Business opportunities / Vendor registration:

The WMO posts all tenders through the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM)  and encourage potential vendors to register at the basic level through the UNGM. 

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